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How Can You Defend Your Village In Clash Of Clans For Higher Levels?

How Can You Defend Your Village In Clash Of Clans For Higher Levels?

If you have already reached the higher levels in the game of clash of clans, congratulations! As you have reached the higher levels in the clash of clans, you will also need to change your game strategy to protect your village in the higher level of the clash of clan. This article will take a look at how to defend your village in clash of clan for the higher levels.

How can you defend your village in clash of clan for higher levels?

  • You will need to use up as much as defensive buildings in the clash of clan games for the higher levels in the game. This way you can easily increase your clan defense from the attacking clan easily. The options for a variety of defense buildings are available as soon as you reach level 8 in the game. You can also spend your resources to upgrade any of the current defenses that you have set up in the previous levels.
  • Even for the higher levels, walls are still considered to be one of the best defense system that you can easily put up to defend your clan from the enemy clan attacking you.
  • For the higher levels, you will need to focus on dark elixir as well, along with other important resources. It is rare to win dark elixir in the battles with the enemy clan who is attacking you or you are attacking them and they are also very difficult to mine in the game as well.
  • Try to place the hidden teslas and also the air defense close together.
  • You can build the archer queen alter at the higher levels as well. The archer queen is same as the barbarian king and an effective way to protect your village from surprise clan attacks. Always prepare beforehand as there are many players with effectively best clash of clan attacks strategy.

A Look At The Game Of Clash Of Clans

A Look At The Game Of Clash Of Clans

One of the recent and most popular games that are quite addictive in nature is clash of clans. This amazing clash of clans’ game can be downloaded from both iOS and android market as well. If you want to know more about clash of clans, then you have come to the right place. This article will take a look at the game of clash of clan.

A look at the game of clash of clan:

Clash of clan is a type of freemium mobile MMO video strategy game. This game is developed and also published by Supercell. This game was first released for the iOS platform back in 2012 and in 2013; this game was released in android platform. Players can easily download this game from these platforms, without any hassle.

The main task of the players of this game is to build up a good base with strong defense and then and also to attack other clans to gain more treasure. The main and important resources of this game are: gold, dark elixir and elixir.
The players of this game are able to create joint clans with other players and also up to 50 people can together participate in any clan wars.

There are many positive reviews of players on clash of clan game; however, there are many who doesn’t like the freemium nature of the game. One can also find the web animated series broadcast on the YouTube channel of clash of clan, which is named as Clash-a-Rama. This channel broadcast is linked to the clash game and its universe.

In the app store, it quickly took up the position of top 5 downloads and this was during 2012 to 2013. In fact, this game has gone on to become one of the most successful games by staying ahead of the other games in the market.

Why Nursery Rhymes Are Still Crucial?

Why Nursery Rhymes Are Still Crucial?

Parents should teach their children nursery rhymes. They would offer a greater chance of stimulating the language development of the kid. This is the reason why loved nursery rhymes music will never go out of style. As a matter of fact, they will just recur for people in need. They can be silly and colorful. They may also use a pattern that can be followed.

This is through sound and rhythm that are usually predictable of course. They are also pleasing to the ears. Many people have accomplished them through the presence of fun actions. They are easier to remember as compared to that of sentences. What else?

Why Children Love Nursery Rhymes

You might have stumbled upon a kid who is reciting the best three little fish poem. However, the big question is – why do kids love them? These are the usual reasons:

  • Children are fond to hear the same songs and stories. They would love to over and over whenever they can. This is an opportunity for them to practice their skills for development. The pieces are put together this way. They can be familiarized in that essence. They should just be given materials they will be comfortable with.
  • Prior to being good talkers, children are expected to listen first. This is why their skills in that aspect must be developed. They need to be capable of hearing and remembering words and sounds whenever they can. They are to be repeated too. This is termed as auditory memory. Children should have a great auditory memory in order to communicate well.

The aforementioned are just some of the reasons why kids are so into nursery rhymes. Parents must be the first one to expose them with such. It should not be difficult for there are so many options available around.

The Way Rhymes for Kids Work

The Way Rhymes for Kids Work

Kids will always have to go out in order to have fun. That is for sure. Basically, they can do this by singing games. There are rules though that they have to follow. It has been observed that children enjoy singing game songs most.

This is how they learn too – from informative rhymes for kids mum mum tv. As a matter of fact, these rhymes are the best when it comes to building comprehension. You children from any part of the world should celebrate their childhood. How can this be done?

The Best Fun Song for Kids

For those who are clueless, these are some of the songs that may be enjoyed aside from the most common rhymes for kids wheels on the bus.

  1. Oranges and Lemons

This is known to be a traditional rhyme which is also a singing game. This song normally refers to the bells of various churches. They are found in London. Players would have to file in a single arch in this game. This is going to transpire while the players are singing along.

  1. Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush

This has always been a popular singing game which is normally enjoyed by many young children all over the world. In this sort of singing game, kids are given the chance to hold their hands together. This is when they form a circle. After that, they would move around a small plant. This is going to happen as they move on to the first verse.

The aforementioned are only sample of games that may be played. They can be enjoyable and they may be taken outdoors too! If you want to go for the most common one, do not forget to include London Bridge is Falling Down on the list too! This should be the best!

How to Play Clash of Clan?

How to Play Clash of Clan?

One of the most talked games of the recent time that one is bound to come across is clash of clash. The clash of clan game was first released for iOS platform back in 2012. Later, in 2013 this game was released for android market as well. If you are also taken by the storm of playing of coc clash of clans, but you would like to know how to play clash of clans game, being a beginner, then you have definitely come to the right place. This article will take a look at how to play clash of clan.

How to play clash of clan?

When starting to play the game, first of all, you will need to build up your base and make it more defensive, so that other clans cannot easily attack your base and take your treasure away. Try placing the town hall right in the center of the base for better protection of the collected trophy.

Then you will need to go to the store in the game and purchase the necessary items to protect your base with better defense than others. Some good initiatives of building up the base defense are to invest in wall and mortar. Also the walls are much better upgraded as well.

When you are just beginning to play, you will need to build up the wall that you have purchased from the game store and put them around the important buildings that contain treasures.

You may be tempted to spend the gold, elixir and the gems in the game. However, you will need to spend these treasures carefully. Do not spend all the gems in one go! Save them for later.

There is also an option of using real money to stay ahead when playing the game. If you don’t want to spend real money, it is okay as well. There are many ways to get ahead in the game without spending real money.

Always protect your base from raids and keep the base concentrated. Also, use more number of traps and place the builder’s hut in the corner.

Attack other clans whenever possible, with the best strategy. Check the amount of gold and their defenses before attacking them. You can get more points when you completely attack the other clan’s base.

Train more number of troops to increase your defense.

Rhymes Songs that Would Teach Children to Care

Rhymes Songs that Would Teach Children to Care

How can parents teach their child about caring? Well, this should be learned because the world would be a little colder without people who do not know such value. Good thing, it is possible to be taught through the presence of effective kids songs. This is said to be the easiest way to do it. This is when their left and right hemispheres are brought together.

As this transpires, their happy brain is prepared. This is when they are ready to learn. This should also work with songs including the ever-popular Xmas music.

What Else to Know about Caring

Aside from selecting songs that would work, there are also other steps which may be taken into consideration too. These are the following:

  1. Do not fail to take care of yourself. This happens as you treat your body. Do it without most respect and kindness. Do not go away from basic grooming. As kids see this, they will emulate.
  2. Always take care of your loved ones. Kids mimic. If they are going to see you doing this, and then it would not be hard for them to follow. You can start by asking simple and caring questions. For instance, you may ask about how a person is doing, among others.
  3. Care for people who are sad or lonely. This can be pretty fulfilling too when done. If you get to recognize someone who is going through such, and then that is such a big achievement. Please make sure to be sensitive enough to know the situation of people.

To take care of others is a way for children to learn as well. While you can always do them with songs, it would also work if you make sure to live up with them whenever you can.

Why Introduce Nursery Rhymes songs to Kids?

Why Introduce Nursery Rhymes songs to Kids?

Every parent has surely thought of introducing nursery rhymes to kids. In doing this, it has to be made sure that the activity is done in an engaging and fun way. Singing, reading and acting out to them will surely work! That is for sure. For so many centuries now, teachers have been surprised with the way students respond with nursery rhymes. It may start from the famous Yankee doodle dandy.  There are so many ways to teach nursery songs, especially to young children. What are these?

Steps in Introducing Nursery Songs to Children

The best children rhymes are just around the corner. It would only take a matter of knowing them. If you are just new to this, what are the steps that you can follow?

  1. Stick with the easy rhymes. It will not hurt starting with them. Children can be taught the mentioned without any difficulty at all. Do not go for very lengthy ones. Most beginners would not be able to remember anything that is long. That is why it would help a lot to begin at their own pace.
  2. Always make use of actions and facial expressions. These would make teaching even more entertaining and fun. The rhymes have to be sung with feelings. The voice should vary to make it even more effective. This is how the kids will be kept entertained.
  3. Sing along. This is always effective. Once the child is familiar with the nursery rhymes, he has to be encouraged to sing and join in. What better way to do this than singing too? You can also ask them for parts. That should work too.

At the end of the day, it will be about practicing the rhymes that matter. They should be enjoyed anytime, anywhere the person is.