4 other liquor outlets on PEI. searched by province

Prince Edward Island may soon have four more liquor stores known as “agency” stores.

Agency stores, such as Mel’s in East Royalty or Cooper’s Red and White in Belfast, are privately operated by third parties, usually in areas where no other liquor stores are nearby.

The province has now issued a request for proposals for four more such stores in Prince Edward Island

“We’re looking at population trends, we’re looking at how close a new alcohol agency might be to one of our retail outlets or close to an agency that’s currently operating,” Heather Rossiter said. , Director of Corporate Affairs and Regulatory Services at the PEI Liquor Control Board.

“We often get phone calls from the public asking if there is any chance of one opening in their area.”

PEI now has 26 liquor outlets

The province’s RFP seeks operators in four areas:

  • Bothwell (east of Souris).
  • Toad, Desable or Hampton.
  • Hampshire or North Wiltshire.
  • Brackley Beach or Oyster Bed Bridge.

The island already has eight agency stores in Wood Islands, Murray Harbour, Morell, Kinkora, Eldon, East Royalty, Wellington and Cavendish. The province also operates 18 of its own company stores. PEI Breweries and Distilleries also sell their products. Adding four more stores would bring the PEI total to 30.

Proposals will be accepted for new stores until August 1st. The province expects to announce successful candidates by the end of August and hopes to have stores open by mid-October.

“Anyone really can apply,” Rossiter said. She said the commission will look at other products offered by a potential retailer. The business doesn’t need to be up and running right away, she added.

Balancing access with needs

Rossiter said proposals must consider zoning and include support from the surrounding community.

“We want to know that a store would be appropriate for this area,” she said.

Inspections are carried out regularly at agency and commission stores, she said, to ensure that staff ask for identification and are not serving intoxicated customers.

“You might say easier access might cause problems, but we support the responsible sale of alcohol,” Rossiter said.

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