AYF Camp Haiastan Season 2022 in sight

2021 AYF Haiastan Camp Staff

FRANKLIN, Mass. — The countdown to the 2022 AYF Camp Haiastan season has begun. While it can be argued that a countdown begins the day a camper leaves their session the previous summer, Camp Haiastan recently announced that staff and camper applications for Summer 2022 are now open, which means the start of a new camp season.

AYF Haiastan Camp Staff Applications

The 2022 camp season in Franklin, Massachusetts will begin with the Teen Session (June 26-July 9) limited to campers ages 15-16. Sessions for campers ages 8-14 will be as follows:

  • Session I, from July 10 to 23
  • Session II, July 24 – August 6
  • Session III, August 7-20

Sessions will begin on a Sunday and end two weeks later on Saturday. The day camp for five to seven year olds is currently scheduled for June 27 to July 1. We will continue to follow and adhere to all Massachusetts and American Camping Association (ACA) guidelines and make sure to update the community as appropriate. Information and applications are available on the Campsite website.

Apps to become a 2022 Summer Director are due February 11. Applications for the chef, nurses, aquatic director, lifeguards, chief counselors and teachers of Armenian schools are due by March 1. Finally, if you are interested in becoming an advisor or applying for our Staff-in-Training (SIT) Program, you have until March 14 to apply. Contact Camp Haiastan Executive Director Kenar Charchaflian at [email protected] or 508-520-1312 if you have questions or need additional information.

AYF Camp Haiastan Board and Committees

The 2021 – 2022 AYF Camp Haiastan fiscal year started at the October Annual General Meeting with the election of the Board of Directors. Board members can serve three two-year terms. Hratch Najarian (MD), Sarine Adishian (NJ) and Tsoler Avedissian (MA) were re-elected for another two-year term. Phil Nigon (PA), Hagop Soulakian (IL), Shant Saroukhanian (MI), Taline Badrikian (MA) and Mimi Parseghian (MA) are serving their second year in office. The Society’s Board of Directors also elected Michael Bahtiarian (MA) to join the Board of Directors and expressed its gratitude to Raffi Varjabedian, who completed his term with six years of dedication to the camp. Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) representative Steve Mesrobian (MA), Armenian Relief Society (ARS) representative Melissa Simonian and AYF representative Nareg Mkrtschjan liaise with the board.

“Our committees would not be successful without the many community members who generously volunteer their time and effort to help the camp fulfill its mission,” said Najarian, who was re-elected president. Adishian was re-elected Clerk/Secretary. Nigon was chosen to be treasurer. The committee structure recently put in place to manage the needs of the camp has proven successful and will continue this year.

“We have a lot of supporters who help us financially, answering our Christmas and raffle calls. In addition, we have several volunteers who contribute their expertise and time to help the camp throughout the year, from cleaning the camp on weekends to participating in a committee. We encourage and invite camp alumni and supporters to contact us if they are interested in serving on a committee,” added Charchaflian.

AYF Camp Haiastan 2022 season and future plans

Despite the limitations of COVID-19, the 2021-2022 camp season has proven successful, providing children with much-needed social interaction with peers and friends, safe outdoor activities, and an opportunity to reconnect with their Armenian identity.

The Board of Directors is grateful and expresses its gratitude to all the staff who have worked so hard to implement their plans, policies and programs to ensure another successful season at AYF Camp Haiastan.

The board is currently reviewing last year’s operating policies and procedures and will determine whether to continue to use them in the upcoming camp season. Without a doubt, the well-received and informative virtual town hall will take place again before the camp opens this summer. “We received a lot of positive feedback on the format. This not only gave parents an opportunity to ask questions, but also gave the council a versatile platform to speak directly to parents and campers,” said Badrikian, chair of the marketing committee. She added that her team is reviewing and creating additional materials for the community to connect with camp.

As in years past, there is ongoing work to maintain and improve camp structures, equipment and appliances. It is with this in mind that the Council has decided to undertake two major renovation projects. Both will be completed before the 2023 season opens.

Cabin Circle, 2021

The first project is an aesthetic upgrade and landscaping renovation of the “Cabin Circle”, which will improve the functionality of the area and incorporate appropriate sustainable greenery. In addition, the “Under the Trees” area will be expanded to allow for additional seating and to mitigate water runoff that occurs during heavy rains.

‘Under trees’

The kitchen area in the dining room will also be renovated. “We have already contacted a number of companies for quotes on both projects and we will make our decisions in the coming weeks,” said Bahtiarian, chairman of the facilities committee. “We have a strong facilities committee that includes camp alumni who are now in the construction industry,” he added.

According to Simonian, at the 2021 ARS-ER convention, a resolution was passed to enlist the help of all regional chapters to participate in the kitchen renovation project. “We are grateful for the continued support of ARS, and we are confident that others, including organizations and individuals who have partnered with us on such projects in the past, will do so with this one as well.” , Najarian said.

Details of the renovation and reconstruction projects will be unveiled at the AYF Camp Haiastan Gala, taking place this summer at Gillette Stadium on Saturday July 23. Founded in 1951, AYF Camp Haiastan celebrates its 72 years. Gala details are being finalized and will be announced shortly.

Soulakian, president of the Armenian education, and his committee announced further improvements to the camp programs for the upcoming season. The detailed plan includes a program, a list of resources and activities to promote the Armenian language and culture in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Many technological improvements are also underway. Nigon, chair of the technology committee, is working on several projects to improve safety, security and communication throughout the camp, including lighting near Uncas Pond, cameras with sensor integration on the outside perimeter of camp buildings, upgrading computers and installing projectors in the mess. Hall and pavilion.

“The board has created a strong program that we will accomplish with the help of the committee’s volunteers and supporters from the Camp Haiastan community,” Najarian said.

For 72 years, AYF Camp Haiastan has provided a healthy and safe experience for young Armenian-Americans, helping them develop their Armenian identity and form lasting friendships. We look forward to a memorable 2022 camp season, and are excited about the changes underway that will build a bright and fulfilling future for AYF campers for years to come.

Garen Soukiasian, Knar Alashian and Grégory Cormier, 2018

Camp Haiastan

Founded in 1951, AYF Camp Haiastan is the oldest residential Armenian camp in the United States. Camp Haiastan is located in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Camp Haiastan
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