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By Chris Bowie, Boonville Daily News

Boonville City Council held a business session ahead of Monday’s regular city council meeting to review the 2022-23 budget.

According to Boonville Town Administrator Kate Fjell, the working session was to review the proposed budget for fire, police, animal control, sewer, water, streets and the central garage. Fjell said most operational elements remain fairly stable, although some costs such as insurance and work compensation have increased, impacting the city’s budget. Additionally, Fjell said the city is instituting a 15% salary increase across the board for staff, which is reflected in those budget numbers.

On Fjell’s recommendation, council will also consider a 3.2% increase for sewer and water. Fjell said it was mainly to deal with inflation and the rising cost of materials that everyone is facing.

In new business, the council heard Fjell explain why the city opposes the purchase, construction and/or operation of illegal gambling facilities, devices that are not subject to the same constitutional restrictions and statutory requirements imposed on Missouri’s existing licensed river play facilities. Fjell said the city participates in a program called Home Dock Cities, which includes all cities that have casinos. “For several years, we’ve been working on state legislation that tries to deal with video lottery terminals, which you see at gas stations,” Fjell said. “There seems to be perhaps a lack of clarity about the legality of these machines. They are not licensed but

it’s unclear who should enforce this rule at both the state and local level, so this resolution simply asked the State of Missouri, Representatives, Senators and Governors to investigate these machines illegal slots and we should regulate them and create a pathway to get rid of them.

“They’re not really supposed to be there. The rules are not the same for these VOT machines compared to casinos, and it just works to make sure it’s a fair and equal playing field. If the rules are for one, the rules should be for everyone.

Fjell said the board is also considering a resolution declaring its intent to seek funding through the Community Development Block Grant program and authorizing the major to pursue activities in an effort to seek funding. “Three weeks ago I met with the Central Missouri Regional Planning Commission, as well as Gigi McAreavy,” Fjell said. “The Community Development Block is a federal program, where funds go to what they call communities of rights, which are prominent in cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and Springfield. They get CDBG money directly from the federal government, and then the rest of us apply for funding through the state of Missouri. During all of the COVID funds, they provided extra money to CDBC, and one of the eligible projects was community facilities. We have the Kemper renovation, for the child care expansion for the YMCA, and it is an eligible project, so we are requesting $2 million in funding from CDBG to help with the project.

Fjell said council also considered a resolution to draft and approve an agreement between the Town of Boonville and the Boonslick Heartland YMCA regarding the application of a comprehensive community development agreement. Fjell said the agreement with the YMCA and the Missouri Regional Planning Commission was sort of all the steps needed for the city to submit its bid. She said it will pay for the construction and renovation of the university hall, then the construction of an addition that will provide a multi-purpose gymnasium space. “In 2019 we passed a temporary sales tax for Kemper and were doing all these projects, so right now I’m just trying to leverage the sales tax money with the available state money. for assistance in offsetting project increases. costs,” Fjell said.

Additionally, Fjell said the council has nothing but good things to say about the town’s staff for their excellent snow removal.

The next board meeting will be Tuesday, February 22 at 7:00 p.m. Fjell said the meeting was moved to a day due to President’s Day.

The Pirate Team Store and The BTEC Snack Shack have earned National DECA Gold Certification, according to a DECA press release this week.

The Pirate Team Store and The BTEC Snack Shack are School Businesses (SBEs) that are owned and run by students in the Boonslick Technical Education Center (BTEC) Marketing Program. SBEs like the Snack Shack and the Pirate Team Store provide their students with realistic, hands-on learning experiences that reinforce classroom instruction, enhance 21st century skills development, and prepare students for college and careers .

To achieve gold certification, each SBE must submit detailed documentation that explains how the SBE demonstrates practice of over forty different industry marketing and retail standards. A panel of industry professionals then evaluates the documentation to determine the level of certification achieved. Junior Kayla Miller and Sophomore Tanner White were responsible for preparing documentation for both SBEs. Both students will be recognized at DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, GA in April. “There are only 450 school businesses that have achieved Gold certification for the 2021-2022 school year. We are delighted to have two of them here at BTEC,” said Marketing Instructor Ms. Leslie Crider.

The BTEC Snack Shack has been in operation for 8 years and has achieved Gold Certification for four of the past five years. The BTEC Snack Shack provides snacks and beverages to BTEC students. A BHS and BTEC senior said: ‘I would probably starve if the Snack Shack wasn’t available. I always run late because the mornings are tough and being able to have snacks between classes is very convenient for me. I probably bought a snack or a drink every day in high school. They have the best chocolate chip cookies. The Snack Shack is owned and operated by 16 different high school students who are enrolled in retail marketing. Retail Marketing students are not only responsible for stocking shelves, cleaning, customer service, and cash management, they are also expected to meet industry standards and complete coursework. Elder MacKenzee Troost said, “I really like working at the Snack Shack. It gives me the opportunity to see a lot of students that I don’t see in my other classes, and it has helped me adapt easily to my part-time job at WJs. The Snack Shack and the WJs use the same type of cash register.

The Pirate Team Store is a new business venture for the marketing department. Boonville R-1 Schools Superintendent Dr. Marriott contacted Marketing Consultant Ms. Leslie Crider in early August with the idea of ​​having a team store that stocked Boonville Pirate merchandise throughout the year. With a small loan, which has already been repaid, students in the marketing department researched, designed and selected items that they thought would sell well. The Pirate Team Store offers many different items such as t-shirts, hoodies, joggers, hats, beanies, bumper stickers, wristbands, blankets and stadium seats. The Pirate Team Store strives to be a one stop shop for all your Pirate Spirit gear needs. The Pirate Team Store is available online at The Pirate Team Store also sets up in-person pop-up stores at all home football matches and various games in other sports. BTEC DECA members take turns running the pop-up shops in person.

“Students who work at the BTEC Snack Shack or the Pirate Team Store gain real-world work experience. For many Snack Shack and Team Store employees, it is their first work experience, for others, an opportunity to develop management, supervisory, initiative or leadership skills. Students can use skills learned in the Snack Shack and Team Store and immediately apply them to their daily lives or part-time jobs. Students who work in the Snack Shack and Team Store usually start out very reserved and as they get to know their customers, other employees and positions, they start to open up,” Crider said.

While the profits are very small from each SBE. All profits are either kept to grow each business or to help offset student travel costs for conferences and competitions for BTEC DECA members. DECA is a professional and technical student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs interested in careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. DECA enhances college and career readiness by providing extracurricular programs that integrate with classroom instruction, apply learning, connect to business, and promote competition. DECA student members leverage their DECA experience to become experienced, academically prepared, community-focused, professionally responsible, and experienced leaders. DECA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with more than 225,000 members in 4,000 high school and college chapters in the 50 United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and in Germany.

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