Brain Health Scholars program paves the way for young and healthy minds

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The Lakewood Ranch Brain Health Initiative (BHI) continues to pave the way for brain healthy communities. With mental wellness at its core, BHI has achieved local and national recognition for its research and promotion of the development of brain healthy communities. As part of a collaborative effort with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), BHI has launched a new pilot program known as the Brain Health Scholars, which includes student leaders from schools in Sarasota County, Manatee County School District, as well as schools across the state and nationwide. The pilot program is the first step in a long-term strategic plan to have a positive impact on the brain and mental health of the region as a whole, as well as support Lifesciences, student leaders, and additional communities and college / university systems where chapter programs will be established over time.

“Scientists are informed of the basics brain health science, participate in aspects of research and acquire the skills necessary to translate this science into usable knowledge and actions ”, says Dr Stephanie Peabody, PSYD, HSPP, neuropsychologist and executive director of BHI.

“The program made me aware of the global health crisis related to brain disease. and taught me that brain health is about more than being disease free; brain health is integral part of our general well-being, ”said one of the inaugural students of the 2021 scholarship recipients.

Strategically planned to personally support these young thought leaders and those with whom they interact during the stressful period of adolescent and young adult development, BHS aims to normalize and de-stigmatize their experiences. brain health and disease experiences and share the science of brain health and performance. “Being a researcher has improved my ability to work in teams, discuss sensitive issues among other things, collect data as a researcher, and conduct surveys for members of my community,” said another student. at this program I learned more about myself with respect. to my own sanity and to the different perspectives of those around me.

Additionally, BHS is designed to give students a head start in college and scholarship application process. Peabody goes on to say that the program ultimately hopes to inspire these Scholars continue to pursue future careers in Health Science like clinicians, scholars, advocates, innovators, educators or in other related capacities. “We have received many requests to expand this program and create Brain Health Learned chapters in other cities, ”she said,“ and to partner with several reputable colleges and universities that will serve as great avenues for students entering and developing careers in the life sciences. “

In addition, the Scholars learn to translate science into action to make an impact on themselves and those they love. “And our plan worked,” Peabody says. Numerous Scholars of the pilot not only incorporated science into their own lifestyle, but influenced the thoughts and behaviors of their peers and family members related to protecting their own brain health, and prevent and fight brain sickness.

The Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation is the main sponsor of the Brain Health Scholar Program.

Learn more about BHI’s brain health researchers here

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