Canada Post suspends delivery in Downtown Eastside due to ‘health and safety’ concerns – BC

Canada Post has temporarily suspended mail delivery in two blocks in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside due to “health and safety concerns” expressed by its employees.

The Crown corporation has not provided this service in Blocks 0 and 100 of East Hastings Street since March 23, it confirmed by email.

“We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible and to find a long-term solution that will ensure the well-being of our employees,” wrote Valérie Chartrand, spokesperson for Canada Post.

“The customers concerned have been contacted to inform them of the temporary interruption of delivery.”

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Blocks 0 and 100 of East Hastings Street encompass everything between Carrall and Main streets. In its email, Canada Post did not disclose the nature of the health and safety concerns expressed by its employees.

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“It is our responsibility to ensure that our employees, who visit hundreds of addresses every day, can deliver mail and packages safely,” Chartrand wrote.

“When there is a situation at a delivery location that is unsafe for our employees, we work with the customer or property management to resolve the issue and resume regular service as soon as possible.”

Affected customers, she added, can pick up their mail at the Canada Post facility at 333 Woodland Drive and must provide government-issued identification.

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Neighborhood resident Bianca Barr said she first heard in her building that the mail had stopped and thought it was “unfair and a bit crazy”.

“Can they even do that? Stop our mail? I thought it was an essential service,” she told Global News. “I’ve never lived anywhere else where I didn’t get my mail.”

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While Barr said she appreciates that there may be “incidents,” including verbal assaults and encounters with drug use, other essential services, including public transportation, continue in the city. region. FedEx, Amazon and UberEats also deliver to the Downtown Eastside, she added.

“The whole neighborhood needs help. If you think the mail is not delivered here, what else could not happen? »

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Tannis Kirstuk, who works for the non-profit Community Thrift and Vintage on Carrall Street, said the store received a “random phone call” from Canada Post informing them of the service change. She was shocked, she added, to learn that “such a busy area of ​​Vancouver” would not receive mail for an indefinite period.

“It’s not that I don’t understand that there might be some (discomfort) in that part of the neighborhood,” Kirstuk said.

“If they were to create a different system, okay, but to stop affected community members from going there when they work 9 to 5 or any other hour … taking away more than everyone gets seems so unfair.”

The new mail pickup location on Woodland Drive is more than a mile from the affected service area, she said, and its hours are listed online from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Canada Post has not provided a date for the resumption of delivery in the neighborhood.

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