Car Loan – Credit up to 3000 euros with immediate payment

Our car loan is not earmarked. You can freely take it for the purchase of a new car, used car or another motor vehicle. Even car repairs or the purchase of auto parts can be easily financed with our car loan.

The fast loan for your car


At Small Borrower, a car loan is offered on fair terms and with flexible conditions. If you need a loan for a used car, select your desired amount in our credit calculator and then fill out the application form. With the VideoIdent procedure, then the comfortable verification of your home.

If all conditions are met, a credit approval and the corresponding payment will be made within 60 minutes. The loan amount will be paid in full and can be used to finance the desired car, whether new or used car. The repayment will be made within 30 days. Thus, you can quickly pay off the car loan and even save money.


Benefits of credit for buying a car privately

Benefits of credit for buying a car privately

The advantages at a glance:

  • fast payout within 60 minutes
  • Credit even with medium credit
  • flexible repayment in one to six installments
  • low interest rates thanks to short maturity


The quick payout adds yet another advantage: with a cheap car loan from Small Borrower it is possible to pay the desired new or used car at the dealer in cash. As a result, not infrequently high discounts on the purchase price are possible, which are eliminated if the customer decides on a dealer loan. The flexible repayment options also give you the chance to repay the Small Borrower car loan much faster.

1. Fast and uncomplicated handling

The advantages of a small loan over Small Borrower are very diverse. Applications can be made 24 hours a day, anywhere, with little time or bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. But on the contrary. It only takes a few steps to get a car loan from Small Borrower. If the customer has sufficient credit, he receives a very fast and unbureaucratic commitment. Unnecessary waiting times and long administrative procedures, such as are customary with bank or dealer loans, are eliminated.

2. Low interest rates due to short term

The annual percentage rate on a car loan is 13.9%. This sounds not necessarily cheap for a car loan. But the savings are due to the short term: Who takes a car loan in the amount of 1000 euros and repay it within 30 days, only has to pay back 1011.59 euros – the interest amounts to a low 11.59 euros.

3. Improved credit rating through fast repayment

Through long repayment periods for car loans, borrowers quickly lose track and at the same time burden their Credit Score. The faster you pay off a car loan, the better it will affect your credit rating . The flexible repayment options give Small Borrower the opportunity to repay the car loan in just one installment within 30 days. If required, a repayment in two, three or six monthly installments is possible. Small Borrower depends entirely on your personal wishes and possibilities.

4. Payment also with medium credit rating

Most car loans need a good Credit Score. Due to the low loan amount and the short repayment period, however, Small Borrower can provide you with a car loan even with a medium credit rating. If you have a regular income and additional collateral, we even approve a car loan, despite a negative Credit Scoreentry.


Requirements for car loan for used cars

Requirements for car loan for used cars

Basically, a cheap car loan for the used car financing of Small Borrower from 18 years is possible. In addition, a fixed income of at least 450 euros should be demonstrated. A residence in Germany as well as an account with a German bank are also necessary for the approval of a car loan.

Unlike traditional car loans, Small Borrower does not necessarily have a high Credit Score. Due to our framework conditions for loans and with corresponding securities, the approval of a car loan is also sufficient for a mediocre Credit Scorerating.

Additional requirements for a successful car loan are the required documents to be submitted after the application has been submitted. In addition to the current proof of income and other securities, this also includes the identity card or passport for verification.

If you meet all the requirements, you have a good chance to get a car loan for used cars.

The requirements for a car loan at a glance:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • permanent residence in Germany
  • Account with a German bank
  • at least medium credit rating
  • Proof of income and identity card

The car loan at leisure for your car

The car loan at leisure for your car

Since any Small Borrower instant loans are not earmarked, the use of your car loan is completely free. Whether you need money for a new or used car, pay off an existing car loan or just want to make a down payment for a new car is up to you. Even car repairs or the purchase of spare parts is easily possible with our car loan.

Take credit for car – It could not be easier

Take credit for car - It could not be easier

If you have decided to apply for a car loan, the process at Small Borrower will be quick and easy.

1. Determine the loan amount Select the amount of your car loan with our car loan calculator and set the desired term.
You individually define the conditions of your car loan and thus receive a perfect result for you. Our transparent loan calculator will immediately show you the effective annual interest, the borrowing rate and the total amount. 2. Fill in the form If you have decided on the appropriate loan amount and term of your car loan, fill in the application form next. In a first step, your personal data such as name, place of residence and address are queried before you then enter sensitive data about your income. 3. Verification While conventional credit applications can not avoid going to the bank or the post office, the identity check at Small Borrower can be easily done online. All you need is a passport that you submit to our VideoIdent service. The verification for your car loan takes place within a few minutes.

Is a car loan possible without Bank?

Similar to a bank or dealer credit, a request for a loan for the purchase of a car by Small Borrower also provides access to the Bank. It is advantageous if there are no negative entries.

This is not a requirement. In contrast to other banks Small Borrower can also give a car loan, if there are small negative entries or if only a mediocre credit rating exists.