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When you are going to buy a car and do not have enough Mother Courage to make the purchase, there are several choices to make. You can take a traditional car loan where the car provides collateral for the loan, or lend money to the car without collateral.
We now work out the pros and cons of the different types of car loans.

Borrow without the car as collateral (private loan / blank loan)

Borrow without the car as collateral (private loan / blank loan)

– Quick and easy application online with answers directly
– You can choose where and by whom you want to buy a car. You have the money in your hand, so to speak.
– You can choose when to make your purchase, everyday, weekend, evening, etc.
– You decide for yourself what price the car is worth and can buy a car from a private person, which is usually a cheaper deal than buying from a car dealer.
– With the money in hand, it is easier to bargain / negotiate the price of the car you intend to buy.
– You burden your debt burden with regard to unsecured private loans.

Read more about car loans without collateral and make your application online – get answers directly.

Borrow with the car as collateral (traditional car loan)
When you take out a car loan with the car as collateral, it is most common that you take the loan with the help of a car dealer but you can also borrow online.
– Easy to get a loan as the car dealer’s seriousness confirms that the car’s price is reasonable
– The car dealer usually helps you with the application
– Do not burden your debt-to-credit debt
– You must have already decided on a specific car to buy (be able to enter the registration number)
– You cannot choose when, how and by whom to buy the car
– Hard to sell the car if you don’t want it left

As a rule, you apply for a car loan with the car as collateral with the car dealer you intend to buy a car from.

Take a quick loan to buy a car

Take a quick loan to buy a car

Quick loans and sms loans are usually not the best way to finance their car purchases. But if you have to buy a car for various reasons and do not have the money and for different reasons also have difficulty getting a regular private loan then a so called fast loan or sms loan is the only way if you really need to get a car quickly.

Keep in mind that it is usually a much more expensive solution to take a smaller quick loan, even if it has a short maturity. The advantage is that you will have the money in your account faster than when you take a regular private loan. The reason for this is mainly the application process and linked to it is the identification method and that no paper documents need to be sent by ordinary mail.

Which you do quickly and easily


For the fastest loan management you need to be able to identify yourself with E-Bank, which you do quickly and easily either through your regular E-Bank or as more and more common Mobile E-Bank. If you do not already have E-Bank, get it easily and free immediately.

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