Demand for COVID-19 testing increases in Nova Scotia as potential exposure sites increase and cases increase

The lines at the Halifax Convention Center were long Thursday, as Nova Scotians lined up to take a COVID-19 test.

As cases continue to rise and exposure sites expand, the province says regular testing is more important than ever.

“I think it’s just one more level of protection you’re taking. Wearing a mask, limiting your contact, a test is just one more thing, ”says Glenn Doucette, who was in Halifax to be tested for COVID-19.

Nova Scotia Public Health has two levels of notification for anyone identified as having visited a site of potential exposure.

A level is a precaution, which means that there is minimal risk to the public and does not require PCR testing. It is also not necessary to isolate if it is involved in level one exposures, unless symptoms are present.

The second level is exposure, which means that a person has had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. In this case, PCR testing and self-isolation are recommended.

Procedures are also in place for sites identified as exhibition sites, such as the Scotiabank Center in Halifax.

“Our first step is to remove one of the ticket holders that would be in the affected section and email them to make sure they’ve seen the notice on the public health website. We also do a deep cleaning of the area and also engage and notify our staff if they were working in that area, ”said Erin Esiyok-Prime of Events East Group.

Esiyok-Prime says the goal is to inform those affected as quickly as possible.

“Our standard is basically as soon as the notice is published, we notify them within 12 hours. So if he comes out at 10 am, we’ll let them know the next morning, ”Esiyok-Prime explains.

Despite the long list of exhibition sites, some people still feel safe venturing downtown.

“Overall, I think most restaurants and bars have maintained a fairly safe environment and have followed public health guidelines,” said Harris Foley, who was being tested for COVID-19 in Halifax on Thursday.

There are over 220 exhibit sites listed on the Nova Scotia Provincial List website.

This list does not include potential exposures on flights or transit routes.

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