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Welcome to a brand new series of content where we spotlight some of Tennis Canada’s amazing donors. It is thanks to the the support we receive from our generous donors that we can continue to fund various projects from the local level to the national stage. Here, we pay tribute to the people who help us make Canada a tennis nation.

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tennis Canada was forced to suspend numerous events, including the world-renowned National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Toronto and Montreal. As a result of the postponements, the organization incurred losses of $17 million and found itself in dire need of assistance.

George Fischer, one of Canada’s most prolific landscape photographers and avid tennis fan, discovered Tennis Canada’s financial struggles, and he and his late wife Karen Green stepped up and donated $1 million. dollars to the organization.

George and Karen’s substantial contribution has been invested in Tennis Canada’s Junior National Championships, both indoor and outdoor, which have since been renamed the Fischer Junior Indoor National Championships and the Fischer Junior Outdoor National Championships respectively.

They also donated an additional $250,000 (25 prizes worth $10,000 each) over five years to cover training and travel costs for promising young players.

Photo: Richard Chin

When Tennis Canada announced the renaming of the National Junior Championships in October 2020, George spoke to the organization to outline the purpose of their generosity.

“This investment is a representation of our passion for tennis in Canada,” said George Fischer. “We are determined to do everything we can to help develop more high performance players so that we can see more Canadians win more Grand Slam titles, Olympic medals and our teams make deep runs in the Cup. Davis and the Billie Jean King Cup.

“We understand the financial challenges Tennis Canada is currently experiencing due to COVID-19 and see this investment as a legacy that will help immensely in the short term, but will also ensure progress in the long term. We hope that by being made aware of Tennis Canada’s losses due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, more donors will come forward and make similar investments. It is a real honor that the National Junior Championships are renamed the Fischer National Junior Championships.

Tennis Canada hosted the first Fischer Outdoor Junior National Championships in the fall of 2021, and this year the Fischer Indoor Junior National Championships made their long-awaited debut and crowned their first-ever champions. Both tournaments have singles and doubles draws and are divided into four divisions: U12, U14, U16 and U18.

Tennis has always been close to George’s heart, and he has been playing the sport since he was the same age as the talented youngsters who compete in the event that bears his name. He is currently a member of the Mayfair Toronto East Club, and in a interview with Mayfairadmitted that he still tries to go out and play with his friends every day.

Besides running around a yellow ball, George is one of the most talented photographers in the country and specializes in landscape and cultural photography. He has published more than 70 photographic books and 50 art posters, and his photos have appeared on the covers of numerous international magazines, newspapers and promotional publications of tourist agencies around the world.

George loves his job and even admits that two of his greatest passions in life are tennis and photography.

At the Fischer Junior Indoor and Outdoor Nationals, George can do both.

Photo: George Fischer

Tennis Canada thanks all of its donors. To learn more about how you can support tennis in Canada, please contact [email protected]

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