Election 2021: polling stations occupied for some voters in the Waterloo region


Some Waterloo region polling stations had long lines in Monday’s election, but voters who waited said it all went very quickly.

“It’s a constant flow,” said Réjean Grenier of Elections Canada. “It’s like that all over the country.

Kitchener’s Victoria Park polling station was busy all day, but a resident said he only had to wait 15 minutes.

The Stratford Rotary complex had a long line to start the day, but voters said they were speeding up at noon, even with pandemic protocols in place.

“We got there early in case there were long lines, but security here couldn’t have been better,” said one voter.

Grenier said about 5.7 million people voted early and 1 million by mail.

“It should relieve the pressure a bit today,” he said.

Voters who requested a mail-in ballot but did not have time to return it by mail can drop it off at a polling station in their constituency on Monday.

Elections Canada officials said the evenings are often busy because people go to vote after work.

The polling stations will be open until 9:30 p.m. Wearing a mask is compulsory for all voters.

CTVNewsKitchener.ca will broadcast live the local election results for the Region of Waterloo.

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