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Gratiot Isabella Technical Education Center (GI-TEC) students are preparing for an upcoming competition with Business Professionals of America (BPA).

BPA is an organization with over 1,000 chapters across the United States of America that promotes opportunities for students to learn different aspects of business, communication, finance, and administration. health, as well as many others.

Each year, they hold regional, state, and national leadership conferences that allow students from different chapters to compete with different projects or tasks, related to an area of ​​interest to them, for a chance to earn recognition. Students from different chapters can compete alone or in groups.

“I can’t tell you how many kids talk about the importance of the club,” GI-TEC-Mt. Said Deborah Leasher, BPA Chapter Pleasant Advisor.

The GI-TEC-Mt. Pleasant BPA Chapter has existed since 1985 and currently has over 60 members. About 20 members are expected to attend the National Leadership Conferences in Dallas, Texas, May 4-8.

“We’ve had a long history of success with around 50 national champions,” Leasher said. “We are one of the strongest chapters in Michigan.”

As the students work on their respective projects and assignments throughout the year, Chapter President Rilee Burgan does her part by communicating with her fellow students and making sure they are organized and prepared for the different competitions.

“I got involved in the club’s first year and learned a lot since I arrived,” Burgan said. “I became president and my leadership and communication skills developed. It was the most rewarding experience and I don’t regret it.

Students also receive more personalized assistance with different members of the GI-TEC faculty and receive financial assistance from different organizations and businesses in the Mt. Pleasant community as well as chapter alumni. The club has worked with the Mt. Pleasant Area Community Foundation, Buffalo Wild Wings, Texas Road House, and Freddie’s Tavern, among other organizations, for fundraising opportunities.

Currently, the Chapter is hosting a Pop Can Drive from April 8-26 to help further fundraise for Nationals. Those interested in helping can drop off their cans at 1155 S. Elizabeth Street at the GI-TEC office, or efforts will be made to pick up the cans from their homes and schools.

“All of this effort has gone into the BPA fund and club expenses,” Leasher said.

Fundraising helps pay for students and transportation of equipment and amenities during competitions.

For more information, contact Debb Leasher at 989-506-1234 or [email protected]

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