Herbalife Nutrition Launches First Global Responsibility Report

HERBALIFE Nutrition, a leading global nutrition company, today released its inaugural 2020 Global Responsibility Report. The report underscores the company’s commitment to enabling progress and sustainable growth for communities around the world and highlights a commitment to operate in a socially responsible manner, including supporting social, environmental and philanthropic initiatives that produce meaningful and measurable results to feed people and the planet.

To further emphasize its impact on communities, economic opportunity and the planet, the report includes Herbalife Nutrition’s commitment to create 50 million positive impacts by 2030, the 50th anniversary of the company, and presents the more than 3.8 million positive impacts achieved. in 2020, including but not limited to the following:

* Donate, in collaboration with the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF*), more than 975,000 meals and boxes of food grants to families and communities

* Recycled over 766,000 kilograms of packaging and other materials

* Reaching, with HNF, more than 367,000 beneficiaries through nonprofit partnerships

For more than 40 years, the global nutrition company has focused on improving communities, helping people improve their nutrition with science-backed products or providing economic opportunity through its business model of direct sale. Given the company’s expertise, scale, network and global reach, its corporate social responsibility initiatives leverage these strengths to improve communities in three meaningful areas: enabling better access to nutrition, increase access to economic opportunities and strengthen environmental stewardship. To ensure the greatest possible impact, the company has aligned its global responsibility goals with the goals set by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our commitment to feeding people and the planet is embedded in both our day-to-day operations and our long-term growth strategy. Together these forces are changing lives, they are changing the world,” said John Agwunobi, President and CEO. .

“With the release of our first Global Responsibility Report, we are recommitting to the principles and work of the past four decades, but more importantly, we are looking to the future,” he added.

The 2020 report focuses on Herbalife Nutrition’s core principles of nurturing healthy communities, creating economic opportunity, and feeding a prosperous planet through initiatives such as:

* Tackling global food equity: Through the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, the company is committed to ending global hunger and food insecurity by:

* Eradicate inequalities in nutrition, health and hunger in communities around the world

* Provide essential nutrition resources and expertise through global nonprofit partners

* Collaborate with leading global organizations such as the U.S. World Food Program, Feed the Children and The Hunger Project, drawing on their guidance to learn where resources are most urgently needed in the different communities that they serve

* Strengthen entrepreneurship: The company’s experience in supporting independent distributors worldwide can be applied to support programs worldwide as follows:

To provide a significant economic opportunity for people who wish to earn or supplement their income through their direct selling business model

Leverage its expertise and support organizations that have programs around the world to advance the economic empowerment of underrepresented communities and promote entrepreneurship

* Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion: As a global company operating in 95 markets, the company views diversity as a strength. The company will ensure the workplace elevates diversity, equity and inclusion, including through:

* Provide employees with a place where they can grow and thrive, enabling them to better serve the company’s distributors, stakeholders and communities around the world

* Create opportunities for diverse talents at all levels

* Connect leaders to employees on career progression opportunities to promote fairness and equality for people of all backgrounds

* Encourage belonging by ensuring that diversity is represented in all internal and external communications and materials

* Reaching vulnerable minority communities: In 2020, the company, in conjunction with HNF, supported more than a dozen organizations, including Chrysalis, national and regional chapters of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Urban League of Los Angeles , the Sambhav Foundation, and UnidosUS, among others, reflecting the needs of diverse global, regional, and local communities. In addition to financial donations, the company supports various programs through the following actions:

* Provide nutrition and health resources

* Mentoring

* Advocacy for human rights, gender equity and advocacy

* Give nutrient rich products

* Setting goals to strengthen environmental stewardship: The company is committed to working across its operations and supply chain to reduce and eliminate negative environmental impacts, with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable packaging. Some of these goals include:

* Achieve carbon neutral emissions by 2050 in the company’s global factories, warehouses and offices

* Use 25% post-consumer resin (PCR) in the company’s Formula 1 packaging globally over the next two years in markets where permitted, eliminating over 475 metric tons of virgin plastic

* Reduce the use of plastics and eliminate waste wherever possible, including the elimination of plastic bags worldwide from sales and distribution centers

The report also describes how the company is working to institutionalize the measurement of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) activities, which can be viewed online in the Herbalife Nutrition ESG Index.

To view the full 2020 Global Responsibility Report: Feeding People and Planet, visit www.IAmHerbalifeNutrition.com/global-responsibility. (PR)

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