Incorrect signage on Highway 417 puts motorists in the wrong direction

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Motorists hoping to head east from the Pinecrest / Greenbank area can be forgiven for ending up in the wrong direction, as a large traffic sign may have them orientated incorrectly.

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A familiar green and white provincial Department of Transportation sign reading “417 East / East” actually directed drivers to the westbound slip road on the Queensway.

According to a Facebook post from an affected resident, the incorrect sign has been around for about two weeks.

“Two weeks later, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation still has a 417 EAST towards 417 WEST sign, even though it was made aware of the error. Seriously, ”wrote John Hanson, who added in a comment he wrote to the ministry on Monday, but the offending sign was still in place on Wednesday. He also said he had not heard from the ministry, although he asked for a response.

“Anyone who is unfamiliar with could be dismissed,” Hanson said on a phone call Wednesday. “There must be thousands and thousands of cars coming down that ramp, so even if a fraction of a percent goes the wrong way, it would still be quite crowded. If someone panics or is confused, there is a risk of causing an accident.

Ottawa Police were made aware of the issue on Wednesday and notified the city, which added a tab under the sign indicating that the eastbound ramp is another 150 meters further.

MTO also responded on Wednesday evening, “The ministry will direct personnel to this location to investigate the sign in question and take appropriate action to remedy the situation. “

Fixed sign on Highway 417. An earlier sign sent motorists in the wrong direction. Photo by City of Ottawa /jpg

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