Loan 1000 Euro: The 1000 EURO credit immediately to the account

Apply now 1000 euros for free The loan request takes only a few minutes. No waiting thanks to instant confirmation Thanks to a digital loan application, the small loan over 1000 Euro can be approved immediately. Real instant payout Thanks to the Express option, the 1000 Euro credit will be transferred to your account immediately.


In 60 minutes to 1000 euros instant loan


Financial bottleneck? With Good lender, customers can apply for a 1000 Euro loan quickly and without paper. The advantage: The money can be paid on the same working day . A request is free and without obligation, so that it does not affect the own credit rating. The loan calculator helps anyone looking for a suitable loan. Just adjust the data and you’re ready to go. Customers receive a maximum amount of 500 euros when they apply for the first time . Anyone who stays with Good lender for a long time benefits from significant advantages, such as increasing the credit line. In this way, Good lender offers everyone a financial cushion when the money is not enough or a major purchase pending. Thanks to the straightforward process of the online application, customers save a lot of time and can easily identify themselves via WebIdent. 

With the 1000 Euro credit to fulfill your own wishes

With the 1000 Euro credit to fulfill your own wishes

If spontaneous expenses are pending or a long-awaited wish is finally fulfilled, a € 1,000 loan will provide a quick remedy . With a 1000 Euro credit, open invoices can be settled in one fell swoop . The loan application has the advantage that it can easily be put online. The loan request can be made easily from the sofa and the account is back in the Plus so quickly.

1000 euros credit – These are the conditions

1000 euros credit - These are the conditions

Good lender has created a simple framework for its customers. The prerequisites for a loan therefore include:

  • A German bank account
  • The legitimacy via WebIdent with a valid identity card
  • A proof of income showing that the customer can repay the borrowed amount

New customers can use a maximum credit limit of 500 euros. Then it gets even better: existing customers benefit from a higher credit line. For example , already registered customers can claim a 1000 Euro loan if they have paid their loans on a regular basis.

Also important : A valid phone number must always be specified, under which the customer can be contacted by the support. Thus, open questions can be clarified quickly, so that nothing stands in the way of the conclusion of the contract.

The most important information about the 1000 Euro loan at a glance

The complete application can be completed within 60 minutes , so that the customer can receive the money within a few working days. The additional express option makes it possible for borrowers to receive their money on the same working day if the application is received by 3 pm.

1000 Euro credit simply repay in installments

The term of a 1000 Euro instant loan is 30 days . There is the possibility to extend the duration to 60 days . The option is called VexFlex and is particularly suitable for borrowers who want to remain flexible and possibly take a higher loan amount.

Borrow and apply for a 1000 Euro loan – That’s how it works

Borrow and apply for a 1000 Euro loan - That

The application process is simple and clear. In individual steps, the customers are guided through the application. This includes the VideoIdent procedure mandatory. Borrowers are paying attention by video telephony. For this , the customer keeps his identity card ready and needs an internet connection .

The most important steps include:

  • Indication of personal data
  • Credit check by Good lender
  • Upload the individual documents (eg proof of income)

Extend the term of a 1000 Euro loan immediately

Extend the term of a 1000 Euro loan immediately

Customers can extend the term of 30 days by double . That means: 60 days to pay off the loan. Anyone who has been a customer of Good lender for some time now also has the option of even longer durations and can use the 3-6 installment option.

1000 Euro credit as low earner? That’s fine!

Most banks do not lend to low paid and unemployed people. Students also have fewer opportunities due to their often lower or more irregular income. But with Good lender it works. The requirement is a minimum income of 500 euros.

Further loan amounts are:

  • 100 euros credit
  • 200 euros credit
  • 250 euros credit
  • 300 euros credit
  • 400 euros credit
  • 500 euros credit
  • 2000 euros credit
  • 3000 euros credit