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Comments allegedly made by Lyon College President W. Joseph King to a Washington, DC-based publication in late July prompt pushback of area residents and Independence County Judge , Robert Griffin.

In a July 26 article from the “Column of Higher Education” titled “Could Political Rhetoric Turn into Campus Violence?” The author of the article, Alexander C. Kafka, also quotes King as saying that Lyon had to deal with active chapters of the Klan in the Batesville area.

King is quoted by Kafka as saying that the Batesville-based school is surrounded by an “angry and disenfranchised” population with “a large population of white supremacists”.

The article also features King describing an alleged November 2020 rally in Lyon in support of President Donald Trump which King said drew “thousands of people” to Batesville, some of whom had Confederate flags and neo-Nazi symbols. The article quotes King telling Kafka of the rally crowd, “Think of the Capitol crowd without the ‘QAnon Shaman’.”

In a statement posted on Aug. 21 on the Lyon College website, King said he was misquoted regarding the latter event.

“This has not happened, and my team and I are working with the author of the article to post a correction,” King said in the statement. “I apologize for this mistake.” (Scroll below to read the full statement.)

As for his comments noting that Lyon and the city’s community are a “bubble of inclusion and diversity surrounded by a sea of ​​angry and disenfranchised populations and a large population of white supremacists,” said King in the statement: “While Lyon and the surrounding Batesville community can be welcoming and inclusive, we cannot expect to expect the same in all parts of the state.

An article on the Lyon College Facebook page containing King’s statement currently features comments from a number of readers who objected to the quotes King reported in The Chronicle article.

One article noted that King’s perspective on the surrounding region / state is “the exact reason he has no relation to the community.”

In a statement posted on the Facebook page of Independence County Judge Robert Griffin, Griffin said, “There are apparently some wrong and hurtful things about our community and Lyon College, as a publication, The Chronicle of Higher Education. It is the current president of Lyon who would have made these remarks. Just be aware that his quotes are inflammatory and do not reflect our community. Prayers for Lyon and our community.

Griffin included a link to an article by blogger Shannon Haney that first drew local attention to The Chronicle article.

To read Haney’s article, click here.

Click here to read the original article from “The Chronicle of Higher Education”.

White River Now will cover more of that story on Monday.

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