Messy winter weather en route to Ottawa, surrounding area: Environment Canada

Environment Canada has issued a freezing rain warning for Ottawa.

A low will move east across the Great Lakes, bringing freezing rain and snow this evening and through Monday morning, according to the federal weather agency.

In Ottawa, temperatures will remain stable around -4 C tonight, with the wind chill feeling like -11.

“For areas a little further north and west, these are the winter storm warnings,” said Steven Flisfeder, meteorologist at Environment Canada.

“With these areas we would expect higher snow accumulations, at least 15 centimeters expected, but up to about 20 centimeters are possible.”

Although winter storm warnings have been issued for parts of eastern Ontario, such as Pembroke and Renfrew, freezing rain is the main threat, Flisfeder said.

“[Those regions] should still receive snow, but the accumulations should for the moment be limited to 10 centimeters, “he said.

Environment Canada warns that highways, driveways and parking lots can become icy and slippery. It warns drivers and pedestrians to take extra precautions.

No parking

The City of Ottawa has issued a winter parking ban. It will be in effect between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Monday, but could be extended if necessary, the city wrote in a statement on Sunday afternoon.

Some OC Transpo parks and recreation centers will be available for people to park their cars during these times.

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