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The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Chapter of Southern State Community College recently visited a national conference in Colorado and won a slew of honors at an awards program, according to chapter counselor Susan Morris.

Morris said Alpha Omicron Eta (AOE), the SSCC PTK chapter, recently attended PTK’s Catalyst convention in Aurora, Colorado for professional development and networking.

According to its website, the convention is PTK’s premier annual event, bringing together members, advisors and their supporters for professional development and the celebration of achievement in their communities. The convention included immersive opportunities for personal and professional development, college transfer counseling by experts, inspirational speakers, elections, and plenty of opportunities to network and learn from other members of the PTK community, according to Morris.

As part of the study topic “The Art and Science of Gaming”, former AOE President Brock Morris made it to the final round of PTK’s inaugural esports tournament for Rocket League 3v3.

AOE has also received a number of accolades through the Hallmark Awards program, which celebrates 40 PTK chapters at colleges in Ohio and West Virginia for a variety of collaborative projects and efforts. At a recent ceremony, AOE received the first finalist from the Ohio region for the College Project Award. The purpose of the College Project is to strengthen a supportive relationship between the chapter and the college administration. Working with the SSCC administration, AOE developed the Health Ambassador 2.0 project, which involved assigning students to prominent locations on SSCC campuses, encouraging mask-wearing, sanitization, and social distancing. The students also worked with state and local health authorities to deploy the COVID-19 vaccine and test kits.

Morris and former VP of Service Alyssa Mays each received the Order of the Torch award, which recognizes an exceptional atmosphere of teamwork, leadership abilities, and other enthusiastic commitments to society; and the Individual Officers of the Order of Athena Award, which recognizes the demonstration of leadership, promotion of honors in action, and other commitment to society.

Morris received the Dr. Charlie Gallucci Advising Award of Appreciation, which recognizes excellent PTK advisers; and former member Elizabeth Neal received the Ohio Region Most Distinguished Chapter Member Award, which recognizes the embodiment of PTK values ​​through chapter activities.

The chapter also received five-star chapter status, the Ohio Shining Star Award, and second most distinguished chapter runner-up.

The Five Star Chapter Plan offers five levels of commitment to Phi Theta Kappa. Each level consists of prescribed activities to build a strong and active chapter by taking advantage of all that Phi Theta Kappa has to offer. AOE held the five-star level for the second consecutive year and was recognized as the second most distinguished finalist in the regional chapter.

To be considered for a Distinguished Chapter Award, a Chapter must submit nominations for both the Honors in Action Project and the College Project Award. The top 10% of Chapters submitting both projects are recognized as a Distinguished Chapter. The Shining Star award was received for collaborative efforts with Wilmington College to host the regional Leaders in Action convention.

The PTK Honors Society is guided by the following four characteristics: Leadership – providing opportunities for leadership experience and character development; Scholarship – recognizing those who excel academically and strive for a higher standard of learning; Fellowship – bringing together a community of like-minded individuals who share ideas and ideals; and Service – emphasizing service to others, both on college campuses and in the community.

For more information on growing in leadership, earning college scholarships, serving your community, and qualifying for the PTK Opportunity Scholarship through SSCC, contact the advisory team at [email protected]

This story was submitted by Southern State Community College.

Pictured are former SSCC PTK Chapter President Brock Morris, PTK Director of Engagement Blake Ellis and SSCC PTK Chapter President Alex Bradshaw (left to right) at the Catalyst convention in Phi Theta Kappa.

Presented at a recent awards ceremony (lr), former SSCC PTK Chapter Vice President of Service Alyssa Mays, Honorary Chapter Member Dennis Kelly of Wilmington College, Chapter Counselor Susan Morris and former chapter president Brock Morris.

At a recent awards ceremony (lr), SSCC PTK Chapter President Alex Bradshaw, Chapter Member Raquel Browder, Chapter Member Jamison Reed, Former Service Vice President Alyssa Mays and former chapter president Brock Morris.

SSCC Honor Society Remains Active

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