Nintendo launches Japan-exclusive six-button Sega Genesis controller

Nintendo reportedly intends to release a remade Sega Genesis controller with six face buttons, but only in Japan. The version of the controller released in the US and Canada will only have the A, B and C buttons offered by the original controller.

It might seem strange for Nintendo to remake a controller for a rival console, but the company announcement on September 23, the new subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack, which should offer access to “classic Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis games” when it launches in late October. So naturally, he remade the Nintendo 64 and Genesis gamepads.

The new controllers will only be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, Nintendo said, and will cost $ 50 each. (The company hasn’t revealed a release date.) Originally it looked like a three-button Genesis controller would be released globally, but Nintendo Japan tweeted a photo of the six-button version that Polygon did. then confirmed would be exclusive to Japan.

“Different regions make different decisions based on various factors,” Nintendo of America reportedly said in a statement to Polygon. “For the United States and Canada, a replica of the original SEGA Genesis controller is the model available. It was by far the most widely used and well-known SEGA Genesis controller in those regions.”

However, it was not the only version of the controller released in the United States and Canada, and Sega officially released the Genesis six-button controller in 1993. This variation of the gamepad would be familiar to anyone who has bought the console in the middle of the year. The ’90s and third-party controllers with six face buttons also became popular after the official version debuted.

The pain of regionally exclusive hardware is all too familiar to Nintendo Switch owners outside of Japan. Nintendo has released several Joy-Con which are only available in Japan. (Especially if you count the versions that were only released as part of a Switch console set in other regions.) Controllers aren’t region-locked though, so they can at least be imported.

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