Northern Saskatchewan tops list for recent Canadian job growth

The other four in Saskatchewan, Regina-Moose Mountain, Saskatoon-Biggar, Swift Current-Moose Jaw and Yorkton-Melville, all had lower totals.

Yorkton-Melville is the only one other than Prince Albert and Northern to see an increase.

Joel Bruneau, chair of the economics department at the University of Saskatchewan, said PANOW he doesn’t think this increase is entirely related to the recovery from COVID-19.

“The industries that are boosting the northern economy seem to be doing quite well and this seems to be driving this recent trend. “

This includes the forestry and mineral sectors, as lumber and uranium prices are “on the rise”.

The sectors with the strongest monthly increases were construction and manufacturing, which alone accounted for about 1,200 positions.

The wholesale and retail trade and education sectors also added 500 jobs each.

At the start of the pandemic, the region experienced a sharp decline in the number of jobs.

As of March 2020, approximately 97,600 people in northern Saskatchewan were employed. By June 2020, the number had fallen to around 89,500.

Unlike the big cities, which have been hit very hard and continue to rebound, the region has been able to recover much faster.

In July, about four months after the start of the pandemic, about 3,700 jobs were created.

Since then, the number of posts has exceeded 94,000, officially reaching over 100,000 last month, marking the first time this has happened since September 2016.

Bruneau adds that when less populated regions experience a large increase, it is usually because of large projects, however, in this case, he does not think so.

“It suggests it’s pretty common. It’s all over the north.

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