Sculpture Hospitality Announces Expansion to Maritime Provinces of Canada

TORONTO, October 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sculpture Hospitality Franchise Owners, Geoff Loukes and Dennis Robertshave joined forces to expand Sculpture Hospitality, a global hotel inventory management and technology company, to New Scotland.

Since 2001, Loukes and Roberts have owned and operated their own businesses, with Loukes owning Sculpture Hospitality of New Brunswickand more recently PEI and Roberts owned Sculpture Hospitality of Newfoundland. Loukes and Roberts adopted the “shared service” model created by Sculpture Hospitality allowing franchisees to share half the work with customers for a reduced rate. This will allow customers to use the service at a lower cost while allowing franchisees to serve a larger landscape. Together, Loukes and Roberts have around 100 clients.

New Scotland was getting stagnant, especially after Covid,” Roberts said. “Geoff [Loukes] approached me to buy New Scotland. Since we are the only franchisees in Atlantic Canada and both operate in shared service, it was an easy choice. I came back with a partnership plan making both of us equal owners, and Geoff [Loukes] quickly accepted.”

Halifax is home to around 200 bars and restaurants with a population of over 400,000, making geographic expansion an obvious choice. “There is a big tourist market in Halifax“, Loukes said. “It’s a very open market that’s not served and that’s a lot of businesses and customers that will benefit from that.”

With Lukes being closer to Halifax than Roberts, he has already established a large network in the Maritimes by working with different representatives and restaurants, which makes the transition easier. Starting in October, Loukes will be responsible for sales, onboarding and training while Roberts will handle account management.

With October well underway, Loukes and Roberts can’t wait to finally expand and see where this new partnership takes them. “This decision was a no-brainer for us. We are confident that we will at least double our business once we get going,” Roberts said. “Halifax is a college town and once the students come back from vacation, it explodes. It’s just prime time for us to make this move.”

About Sculpture Hospitality

Through a shared passion for the hospitality industry, Sculpture Hospitality was founded in 1987 as a pioneer in the development of bar and restaurant inventory management solutions. Sculpture’s innovative solutions have revolutionized inventory processes, helping bars and restaurants in the hospitality industry become more efficient and profitable.

Since the company’s inception, Sculpture Hospitality has grown globally with over 370 successful global franchisees who enjoy providing expert inventory management solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry. To learn more, visit Sculpture Hospitality at:

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