SJR is going strong as the new year kicks off


Kylie Adams (right) and Leah Dorfman tie-dying at the Ohev BBG Kickoff. Photo by Simone Arking.

The year has officially begun, and in a big way too. SJR hosted a very successful event called BTI, where board members from across the region came and learned how to communicate successfully, how to work with each other, and how to be better leaders overall. South Jersey’s New Member “Intake” day was held right after, welcoming many students in grades 8-12 to learn more about BBYO and tour the chapters to find their best fit. The first event for the region went great, and now all chapters are launching their fall terms as well.

Launches are one of the most exciting times of the year as Chapters plan big, engaging events and welcome new faces. There have been so many different programs over the years like bowling and mini golf or themed events like a beach themed event. And this year in SJR is no different, starting strong already!

Looking at the launch through the eyes of a potential member, there are already many different programs. Neshef BBG held a very successful prom themed event with dresses, dancing and music. Marlcrest AZA went to play mini golf at Pleasant Valley Mini Golf and had a blast. Ohev BBG threw a beach party indoors because of the rain, but made it work by weaving and eating M&Ms. Dafna BBG hosted an amazing clue-themed event where people worked as a team to figure out that (spoiler alert) Mrs. Peacock kidnapped their mascot, the turtle Dafna. And, Shemesh BBG had a delicious cake decorating kick-off, including homemade icing and awesome cakes!

S’ganit Region of SJR (VP of Programming) Leah Wayne had this to say, “Chapter launches have been a blast so far! They were a great way to start this amazing year of programming.… Everyone including myself had an amazing time whether attendees are trying out chapters or coming back for an amazing year of BBYO. The region is so proud of all the amazing Chapter events that have taken place so far and can’t wait to see what everyone does next.

The region is already more than halfway to our membership goal this year, and the next generation of new members is incredibly exciting. Welcoming these new faces opens up endless opportunities for SJR and BBYO as a whole, because anyone (and everyone) can make a difference. Being able to once again carry on the traditions that AZA and BBG have had for 98 and 78 years respectively is a privilege that BBYO does not take for granted. There are songs to learn, traditions to teach, and more than enough spirit for everyone. We are so excited to continue to see where the year will take us.

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