Smoky skies alert for Cranbrook and Kimberley

Environment Canada issued a special air quality statement in effect for the Cranbrook and Kimberley areas due to wildfire smoke.

The area of ​​two cities is expected to be affected by wildfire smoke in the next 24 to 48 hours, as well as the Kootenay/Creston Lake area, Environment Canada Smoke Sky Bulletin said.

During a wildfire, smoke conditions can change quickly over short distances and can vary significantly from hour to hour.

Wildfire smoke is a natural part of our environment, but it’s important to keep in mind that exposure to smoke can affect your health, Environment Canada noted.

People with pre-existing health conditions, respiratory infections such as COVID-19, the elderly, pregnant women and infants, children and susceptible people are more likely to experience health effects from COVID-19. exposure to smoke.

If you or the people you care for are exposed to wildfire smoke, consider taking extra precautions to reduce your exposure. Smoke from wildfires is an ever-changing mixture of particles and gases that includes many chemicals that can harm your health.

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main picture: Smoke rises east of the Connell Ridge Wildfire about 15 miles south of Cranbrook today (August 3). Ian Cobb/e-KNOW photo


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