The rule of the French language shakes the students

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Many students applied for the English component and therefore failed to meet the French language criterion in Quebec.

The lack of knowledge of local rules has led hundreds of Indian students, who have applied for permanent residence (PR) in Quebec, province of Canada, to have their dreams shattered. Their applications were rejected on the grounds that they had not opted for the French language, which is a prerequisite. This is not the case in other regions of Canada.

The mistake that cost students the Canadian PR. They applied for the English language stream and therefore did not meet the French language requirements in Quebec. Those who applied for PR are mostly students who entered the country on a student visa and obtained Temporary Resident (TR) status. Their requests were rejected and they may have to return to India.

Anuj (name changed) was shocked when his PR request was rejected. He went to Canada on a student visa to study business administration. “Instead of big cities like Toronto, Ontario, I preferred Quebec. But I didn’t know I wouldn’t qualify for this. He says his parents have contacted agents in India and they are also unable to explain it.

Quebec being a French colony, language is a key factor for immigration. Students applying for PR might have simply selected French downstream when the English quota has been filled.
–Hemant Shah, Director, Overseas Friends of India

Anuj said some of his classmates were also facing a similar situation. “Canada has always been a friendly country, but now we are faced with a horrible situation. I don’t know anything about my future and I’m scared, “he said. He is originally from Ahmedabad and went to Canada after completing his Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Canada Immigration had invited 40,000 PR requests after which it was to be closed.

Hemant Shah, who runs Overseas Friends of India in Canada and director of Canada-India trade and marketing relations, said it was a warning signal for parents and students flocking to Canada. . “They should contact the appropriate immigration consultants and then plan for the change. Western Canada has a lot of opportunities and there are also job prospects. It is an untapped market. But people don’t do their homework and limit themselves to Toronto and other areas. These cities have become saturated and there are very few opportunities, ”he said.

Shah, who has lived in Canada for 40 years, said that Quebec being a French colony, language is a key factor for immigration. Students applying for PR might have simply chosen French downstream when the English language quota has been filled. And when we ask them to take a French test, they obviously fail.

The situation is such that students do not have enough work permits to follow another Canadian immigration program. The time limit is also a constraint and they have no choice but to return to India.

“There are many good immigration lawyers in Canada who can help students get public relations and their fees are not very high either,” he said. Now, with many Afghan refugees also being hosted in the country, things could get more difficult in the coming days, he said.

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