The South Jersey region celebrates an incredible month of March

SJR’s advisers at the Conclave Convention last December were (front, from left), Jenny Oswald, Barbra Wilen, Allison Arking and Alyssa Wachs, with (behind, from left), Sara Nussbaum, Debora Borenstein, Jordan Borenstein, John Imhof, and Christa Gersh.

The South Jersey area had an amazing March! We enjoyed our BBYO night on March 6, which included a rush moment for our prospective members to see what BBYO is all about. Chapters also got to show off their skills and leaders when welcoming new members into their incredibly planned programs for all to join. March was also Advisor Appreciation Month, and SJR LOVES to celebrate its Advisors.

With Passover rapidly approaching, chapters are beginning to increasingly incorporate the principle of Jewish heritage and Judaism into their programming to educate the chapter on the holiday and to bring faith traditions to their events and celebrate together. Some SJR Chapters will hold their own Passover events. For example, Marlcrest AZA is hosting a Chocolate Seder later in April.

“It’s always great to hang out with my chapter brothers and participate in our amazing events. We have our annual Chocolate Seder in April to commemorate Passover. Instead of the usual Passover seder food, Marlcrest uses all chocolate, with programs including chocolate as well,” said a Marlcrest member.

In addition to the amazing things that happened recently at BBYO, March was also Advisor Appreciation Month. To appreciate our SJR Advisors, Chapters have come together to show their appreciation for their Advisors, and as a region we have created an Instagram post showing love and appreciation for each Chapter Advisor. All Chapter Advisors also receive a gift from BBYO International. Some chapters have created a video, given gifts, or come up with other creative ideas to show their chapter advisors their love.

When asked why she loves being a BBYO Chapter Advisor, Ohev BBG Advisor Deb Borenstein said, “I love being an Advisor because it’s such a unique role in the life of a teenager. You are not a parent; you are not a teacher. I love being that adult who can mentor them, advise them, and be a safe space for them. It is a unique opportunity to see them grow into extraordinary leaders and human beings. SJR Advisors do so much to help us, and we couldn’t imagine our chapters or region without each of them! We are always looking for more Advisors, and if you or someone you know would like to know more about what an Advisor is at SJR, please contact us. We would love for you to join our network of fun advisors!

While so many amazing things have happened at SJR recently, there are even more great things to look forward to. On April 9, SJR will welcome 180 teenagers to our Tournies Spirit Convention. A few weeks later, the South Jersey area will host our final weekend convention of the year, May 20-22, which will be hugely meaningful for this year’s seniors, and we will be electing our 62nd area council to close out our amazing year.

Be on the lookout for more information as these events draw closer, or contact [email protected] with questions about upcoming events.

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