TNRD making progress in implementing BDO Canada recommendations, according to regional district | Radio NL

The Regional District of Thompson-Nicola says it has made progress on recommendations made by an independent auditor late last year to properly manage district finances.

Of the 65 specific recommendations BDO Canada has made for the TNRD, Managing Director Scott Hildebrand says they were able to complete a quarter of them completely, with the rest said to be “in progress”.

Speaking on the NL Noon Report, he says they are working hard to have the rest of the recommendations completed by the time the municipal elections are held in October.

“We wanted to be in a place where a lot of stuff gets done so that when we line up the new board we can make sure that we provide them with all the updated policies and procedures for the board,” he said.

“They align with our administrative team, and so by the end of the year we want to be practically complete.”

The audit was launched following the massive spending scandal involving former CAO Sukh Gill, with auditors saying there was an “inappropriate spending culture” in the regional district.

Hildebrand says the regional district’s work to become more transparent has been ongoing since the scandal first came to light following a Kamloops survey this week

“It started before the forensic audit even happened, so things about expenses, providing itemized receipts and business goals, I guess policies about gift cards and things like that” , he said, noting that a lot of what they’re working on comes down to making sure everyone plays by the rules.

“Things that fall under per diems and some of the things that we put in place in policies to make sure we have people who consistently apply the policies, whether you’re a board member or a staff member.”

The TNRD also plans to “enhance” public reporting of its financial statements on its website, with more details to come at a later date.

The Board has publicly apologized to TNRD residents and ratepayers for the lack of accountability and oversight under former CAO Sukh Gill.

“We are ultimately responsible for the CAO and its behavior, whether it is this version of the council or the previous version of the council,” said Clearwater Mayor Merlin Blackwell, who introduced the motion. excuses.

“We have an employee and what happens with the CAO and his behavior or his behavior at that time, happens under the watch of the board. We are responsible for it. »

– with files by Victor Kaisar

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