US wildfires escalate and reach Canada

CALABASAS: Forest fires were burning over a million acres of the western United States as they reached Canada on Monday (Manila Tuesday) and scorching temperatures maintained their grip on areas shocked by ‘a brutal heat wave over the weekend.

Some 850,000 acres were on fire in the United States – mostly in western states like Oregon, California and Arizona – while more than 300,000 acres were smoldering in British Columbia in Canada alone, according to those responsible for the forest fires.

After a brief lull after the previous heat wave in late June, extreme temperatures in recent days have reached inland to the edge of the Rocky Mountains, part of a dramatic trend that experts attribute directly to the change climate.

The United States’ National Weather Service (NWS) warned that dangerous temperatures continued in the region at the start of the week with temperatures of up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit (F) (47 Celsius) recorded in the south of the California Monday and a heat advisory issued for communities outside Los Angeles.

The NWS said global temperatures were starting to cool with breezes reaching northern California and storms in Arizona and New Mexico on Monday, but excessive heat warnings remained in effect “for most areas until. ‘until Tuesday evening “.

In particular, high temperatures overnight have deprived many heat-affected areas of much-needed respite and more muggy forecasts loom for the next few days.

“Fortunately, the hot spots will start to cool after today. Take advantage while this lasts as we anticipate more heat from this weekend,” the NWS Los Angeles service tweeted.

Across the border, temperatures of around 98 degrees F – well above seasonal norms – were recorded on Monday north of Vancouver in British Columbia, where some 300 wildfires were active in the province. Canadian.

In California – where more than twice as many acres have burned this year compared to the same point in the record-breaking 2020 season – a large fire near Lake Tahoe spread on Monday, spurred by heat, increased winds, low humidity and dry vegetation.

A combination of two lightning-triggered fires last week, the Beckwourth Complex fire, quickly spread to some 90,000 acres.

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