USP will bring together key stakeholders for a three-part series on the drug supply chain

Rockville, Md., February 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — US Pharmacopeia (USP), the independent, scientific, not-for-profit organization focused on building confidence in the supply of safe, quality medicines, today announced that it will host a series of three-part conversations with key stakeholders dedicated to strengthening the medicines supply chain.

The series will bring together USP convention members representing patient, supplier, scientific, regulatory and industry perspectives to examine key points in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The depth and breadth of USP Convention members provide diverse knowledge, ideas, and expertise, ensuring robust dialogue.

With 16 offices in 13 countries, USP has long been a leader in efforts to strengthen the global supply chain so that quality medicines are available to the people who depend on them for their health and well-being. to be.

The first conversation in the series, “Reducing Barriers to the Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies,” will feature representatives of Convention members and stakeholders from the Association for Accessible Medicines, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Research!America, as well as USP leaders. Taking place on February 25, 2022the event will focus on the role of advanced manufacturing technology in maintaining drug quality throughout the supply chain and approaches to reduce barriers to its adoption.

The two remaining conversations on preparing the drug supply chain for resilience in anticipation of future disruptions and successes and strategies for multinational cooperation will take place in March and May, respectively.

“In recent months, supply chain challenges have been the subject of extensive media coverage and political dialogue,” said Anthony Lakavage, JD, Senior Vice President, Global External Affairs and USP Convention Secretary. “While many challenges are not new, COVID-19 has added an urgency and an opportunity to build resilience in the pharmaceutical supply chain. The drug supply chain is complex and spans the globe – no government, organization or company has all the solutions or capacity to strengthen the supply chain alone; the perspectives, contributions, expertise and resources of many sectors are needed. “USP and its 450 members of the health and science community offer a diverse set of perspectives to help inform investments and policy reforms to build resilience in the future.”

About the USP

USP is an independent scientific organization that works with the world’s leading health and science experts to develop resources and quality standards for medicines, dietary supplements and dietary ingredients. Through our resources, standards, advocacy, and education, USP helps increase the availability of quality medicines, supplements, and foods for billions of people around the world.

About the USP Convention

The USP convention is made up of more than 500 organizations representing governments, key sectors of the healthcare industry, healthcare practitioners, patient and consumer communities, global health organizations and academia. The Convention is one of three USP governing bodies providing insight and collaboration to enable USP to advance its vision of a world in which all have access to quality, safe, and beneficial medicines. In addition, the Convention adopts resolutions that guide the work of USP throughout its five-year cycles. The USP Convention meets annually at industry sectors and regional chapters and once every five years to pass resolutions and elect the USP Board of Directors and Expert Council, which oversees standards committees of the USP.

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