We are getting closer to finding the alignment of our goals

Letter to the Editor

Discussions for a modernized Columbia River Treaty progressed August 10-11, as negotiators from Canada and the United States met to consider proposals developed by each country.

The goal of each proposal is to find agreement on an updated treaty framework that includes not only flood risk management and hydropower coordination, but also cooperation on ecosystems and increased flexibility for Canadian operations. .

The added flexibility would allow Canada to meet its national objectives, including for Indigenous cultural values ​​and socio-economic interests. This latest round of negotiations builds on the work done in a series of meetings between Canada and the United States earlier this year.

The fact that we are exchanging and reviewing proposals is, I believe, a sign that we are getting closer to finding an alignment of our objectives. For Canada, this means ensuring that Columbia Basin interests are supported now and into the future.

There is no deadline to complete the negotiations, but I am confident that the two countries are determined to find common ground and reach an agreement in due course.

Catherine Conroy,

British Columbia Minister responsible for the Columbia River Treaty

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