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Jack Silverstone

For your information

Heading west on the Trans-Canada Highway just before boul. sources. exit you may notice a sign that says “Top Aces”. If this reminds you of the Tom Cruise movie, Superior gunyou would be on the right track, because a great Canadian aviation success story resides there.

Founded in 2000 by a group of former Canadian Air Force pilots, Top Aces is today one of the first companies in the western world to provide combat training to the air forces of Canada, Germany and the United States. -United. Starting with a few ex-Luftwaffe Alpha trainer aircraft, the company was able to provide cost-effective training services to Canada’s air force as well as other nations’ air combat arms and grew to from there. “Canada has built a world leader in advanced tactical airborne training that is now being exported around the world. It is worth recognizing and being proud of,” said Paul Bouchard, CEO of Top Aces Inc.

Top Aces recently became the first private company to employ retired F-16 fighters as aggressors for fighter pilot combat training, sourcing jets from the Israeli Air Force. These early models of American-built F-16 aircraft were first delivered to Israel beginning in 1980. The first models were finally retired from active service in 2015. The first four of these retired aircraft were delivered to Top Aces last year. The acquisition of some 25 additional F-16s is underway.

Flying from a base in Arizona, these aging, but still powerful airframes are upgraded with new electronics. In the hands of experienced Top Aces civilian contractor pilots, they will be flown in the role of enemy aircraft helping to train American fighter pilots in the art of dogfighting.

Top Aces uses even older aircraft such as the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, which dates back to the Vietnam War era. These were also purchased from retired Israeli Air Force inventory and, like their sleeker F-16 successors, are finding new life in the adversary role. In their two-seater version, they are used not only for combat training, but also for advanced pilot training. Top Aces aircraft work both with the military and at sea with naval forces in various simulation combat roles.

The company also operates Bombardier Learjet 35 aircraft. military. Top Aces puts them to work doing everything from electronic warfare simulations to target towing.

With the growing demand for highly skilled civilian contractors to provide cost-effective combat training as simulated adversaries for military aviation, Montreal’s Top Aces responds very effectively.

It’s fair to say that for Top Aces, the sky is the limit.

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