York Region Launches Practical Vertical Farming Webinar Series

For those looking to start a vertical farming business, but don’t know where to start, a series of informative webinars awaits.

The Regional Municipality of York has partnered with industry partners, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and Durham Region, to launch a series of free webinars in four parts on vertical farming called “Vertical Farming 101”.

“COVID-19 has created food security challenges. Many stakeholders have directly told us that they want to learn more about the evolving field of vertical farming and how to start their own business,” says Meena Hassanali, Agriculture and Agribusiness Business Specialist for York Region. .

The series will cover the basics of setting up a farm, new growing techniques and business planning. The webinars will also feature established vertical farming businesses in the region that have successfully gone through the process, including Boreal Greens and Mighty Harvest Produce.

The first webinar, an introduction to vertical farming, begins February 3. The registration form is available here.

“We’ve structured the webinar series to address the main barriers to starting a vertical farm. This includes topics such as navigating approvals and permits, an in-depth understanding of the process and requirements to start and grow an indoor farming business on a commercial scale, and learning technical aspects such as of culture,” says Hassanali.

Although the series is organized by York Regions, organizers say the content will be applicable to residents and business owners across Ontario. In addition to the organizing partners, presenters also include Seneca College and Durham College.

“The goal is for aspiring and new vertical farmers to learn the technical aspects of setting up a vertical farm, navigate the regulatory space, find community partners, and hear from successful local businesses. In short, the goal is to provide local residents, businesses and others with the tools they need to begin their journey into vertical farming,” says Hassanali.

For a full list of webinars, click here.

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